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Ontario, California Employment Lawyer Damien Miranda is dedicated to providing personal, aggressive legal counsel and offering each client the best opportunity to obtain positive results. Our firm has developed a unique approach to helping people, and we have a demonstrated record to prove it. Since 2001, Ontario, California Employment Attorney Damien J. Miranda has successfully represented employees who are pursuing legal action against a current, former, or potential employer in a wide range of employment law matters throughout California. In this way, Mr. Miranda has helped clients obtain much-needed financial resources and medical treatment. Our employment law firm handles cases involving all kinds of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, workers compensation, workplace discrimination, employer retaliation, family and medical leave disputes, hostile workplace environment, wage and meal break disputes, and whistleblower law matters. We believe wrongdoers and the companies they work for should be held responsible for their actions. We have a duty to protect people and families when an injustice occurs. Ontario, California Employment Lawyer Damien Miranda works diligently to protect each client’s livelihood and future career prospects. Call (909) 484-9041 to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Miranda will address your concerns and provide an honest legal evaluation of your situation. He can help you understand your rights and the way the law protects employees who have been wronged at work. Let Us Tell Your Story and Help You Get the Justice You Deserve Ontario, California Employment Law Attorney Damien J. Miranda knows firsthand what it is like to experience workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Therefore, we can genuinely say we know what you are going through. If a problem at work has disrupted your life, we are prepared to tell your story and pursue justice on your behalf. We seek to immerse ourselves in the lives of those we help, and we understand your individual and family concerns while we negotiate and litigate your case. Our office prides itself on being more personally available to those we represent. Because employment law is an extremely fact-oriented area of legal practice, we take a practical, thorough approach as we comb through details on a limited number of cases. We believe that focusing on select cases allows us to better understand what our clients have had to endure. In this way, we are able to effectively tell each client’s story when it matters. We handle a wide range of legal matters, including the following. Sexual Harassment Mr. Miranda witnessed sexual harassment at school and in the workplace, and he vowed to take a stand to protect female employees. If you have been put in an unwanted sexual situation, we can help you put a stop to it and hold those at fault accountable for these unlawful actions. Wrongful Termination We understand that losing a job can be a gut-wrenching, life-changing experience. Whether you were terminated for filing a complaint or forced to resign from your employment as a result of intolerable working conditions, the result is almost always difficult and painful. If you’ve lost a job and have been wrongfully terminated, our attorneys are ready to assist you. Workers Compensation We know the mental and physical distress that workplace injuries can cause, and our firm will help you get all of the Workers Compensation Benefits. that you deserve. Workplace Discrimination Our attorneys handle discrimination cases strategically. We will give you the advice you need to put the law on your side. Our Ontario, California employment law firm is ready to help you fight against all forms of workplace discrimination, including: Age Discrimination Disability Discrimination Sexual Orientation Discrimination Race Discrimination Pregnancy Discrimination Employment Law Our employment lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve if an employer has crossed the boundary of the professional relationship between employee and employer. We understand the Employer Retaliation Family Leave and Medical Leave Disputes Hostile Workplace Environments Meal and Break Disputes Wage and Hour Disputes Whistleblower Laws Personal Injury Employment Law Attorney Representation in Ontario, California Ontario, California Employment Law Lawyer Damien J. Miranda has the education and experience needed to get results for you. Mr. Miranda has received training from one of Ontario, California’s most recognized authorities on employment law matters. He is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA), and he regularly attends CELA seminars, conventions, and continuing legal education courses. The Law Office of Employment Attorney Damien J. Miranda is deeply committed to those we represent. Mr. Miranda provides the very highest quality of service. When it comes to getting results, our office has a proven record of success in obtaining the compensation our clients have demanded. In addition to obtaining monetary compensation, we provide clients with medical treatment to help them recover from the psychological and physical trauma they have endured in hostile work environments. As such, in addition to obtaining the monetary compensation for our clients, we seek to have the defendants make our clients whole and put the client in a position they would have been in had the employer acted lawfully. Contact our Ontario, California Employment Lawyer Today | Free Consultation The Law Office of Damien J. Miranda takes great pride in helping people obtain much-need compensation so they can move forward in their life. We believe that by holding employers, companies, and supervisors responsible for wrongful conduct, we are helping communities become safer places to live. We do not charge for the initial consultation. If we accept your case, you will receive the highest quality legal representation. As our client, you will receive the personal and direct customer service you deserve. Call us at (909) 484-9041, or contact us online by completing our Employment Law Case Evaluation Form. We will arrange a convenient meeting to discuss your situation with Ontario, California Employment Attorney Damien J. Miranda.
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Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. You should not act or fail to act based on the information on this website. The content contains general information only, and may not reflect recent changes to the law. All cases differ – please contact an attorney in your area to get legal advice as it pertains to your case.
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Colton Employment Law Lawyer Damien J. Miranda
Attorney Damien J. Miranda has a deep concern for gaining justice in behalf of individuals who have been treated unfairly. As a knowledgeable Colton employment law attorney, he stands up for workers’ rights in various types of employment disputes involving wages/hours, sexual harassment, discrimination, family leave, medical leave, workers compensation, whistleblower retaliation, wrongful termination, unethical policies, and other employer abuses. To gain reliable representation for your employment case, contact Attorney Damien Miranda. Early in his life, Mr. Miranda was moved by the injustice he saw around him and took action, defending fellow children from bullies. Years later, he chose law as his profession and continues to advocate for individuals when they are mistreated and unheard. To discuss ways to pursue justice in your case and gain needed medical care and other restitution, call Colton Attorney Miranda. He cares about bringing a positive resolution to your employment law case. Attorney Miranda addresses unjust employment practices by pursuing those who break the law, have unethical policies, or treat employees unfairly. If employer misconduct has affected your life, Colton Employment Attorney Miranda is ready to help. Cases against past, current, and potential future employers are accepted. By giving careful attention to details, informing the client of their rights, and planning an effective strategy, Mr. Miranda is able to resolve cases and gain justice for individuals who have been mistreated at work. To arrange a free initial consultation about your case, call (909) 484-9041. Gaining Justice in Colton Employment Disputes From the start, Colton Employment Lawyer Damien Miranda has been deeply offended by injustice and moved to action. He has witnessed the impact that sexual harassment, discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and similar crimes have on individuals and their families. A person can become afraid of going in to work, overwhelmed with having to decide whether to report employer wrongdoing, or have to deal with an employer refusing to pay wages in retaliation. Each of these situations creates an unfair hardship on the worker and the whole family. Sadly, unethical employers do exist and cause various kinds of workplace injustice. If you have been treated unfairly, Mr. Miranda would like to bring your story to light. He is a caring person and a skilled Colton employment attorney who greatly respects workers’ rights. He works to bring guilty employers to justice and gain proper restitution for those wronged. Workplace Discrimination Lawyer According to the law, employers may not discriminate against an employee due to a protected characteristic. Therefore, discrimination on the basis of gender, pregnancy status, employee age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or marital status is illegal. If you become aware of illegal discrimination, Workplace Discrimination Attorney Miranda works to gain financial compensation and justice through a lawsuit or other legal methods. Colton Sexual Harassment Lawyer The occurrence of sexual harassment is an especially harmful breach of the law. Not only does it affect the target of the harassment, but it affects the overall workplace atmosphere. As a sexual harassment attorney who decisively goes after the offender, Mr. Miranda seeks to protect the mistreated employee, end the harassment, and reestablish proper justice in the workplace. Workers Compensation Lawyer When an employee is injured while working or because of their work, it is the employer who must pay damages and expenses. As a capable Colton employment law lawyer and workers comp attorney, Mr. Miranda handles every step of the workers comp claim and the client’s legal case. All possible ways of helping the injured client are considered, including career retraining, medical care, ongoing disability support, and other services. Wrongful Termination Lawyer Despite California’s “at will” status, employers are allowed to terminate employment without providing a reason. However, some laws do apply. Termination of employment cannot breech an employment contract, and whistleblower protection laws and anti-discrimination laws must be respected. If an employer has wrongfully ended employment, Mr. Miranda is ready to listen to the situation and provide help. Termination cases are considered carefully. Wrongful Termination Attorney Damien Miranda will advise you of your rights as well as of possible solutions. To discuss what type of compensation may be due for your wrongful termination case, contact our employment law firm. Employment Law Disputes | Finding Solutions Colton Employment Law Lawyer Miranda is dedicated to setting things right and achieving a positive result for individuals who have been mistreated by an employer. Mr. Miranda utilizes his knowledge and strong personal convictions regarding justice to gain a better outcome for employees. He accepts many kinds of cases: Meal Breaks Whistleblower Protection Rest Periods Wages & Hours Medical / Family Leave Hostile Workplace Environment Employer Retaliation Workplace Injury Consultation with a Skilled Employment Law Lawyer Has your employer mistreated you and possibly broken the law? Colton Employment Law Attorney Damien J. Miranda would like to discuss the situation with you and hear your story. He cares deeply about justice for workers, and he advocates strongly for their rights. By gaining needed restitution, medical care, and other compensation, justice can be achieved. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, dial (909) 484-9041 or complete our online form. We will get in touch with you after reviewing your information. Colton Employment Lawyer Damien Miranda believes strongly in justice, and he wants to set things right.
Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. You should not act or fail to act based on the information on this website. The content contains general information only, and may not reflect recent changes to the law. All cases differ – please contact an attorney in your area to get legal advice as it pertains to your case.
You Don’t Have to Fight Them Alone